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This robot recognized a human voice by MQTT-Net & Deep Learning


he IBM Watson Cloud Robot can recognize a human face, voice, and text like a human. The robot clearly recognized the celebrity (Elon Musk) and who he was. Also, it recognized my voice & any text. (YouTube)

This instructable will cover the basic steps that you need to follow to get started with open sources such as Watson nodes (Visual Recognition V3, Speech To Text, Text To Speech) for IBM Bluemix, Node-RED, MQTT v3.1. MQTT(Message Queueing Telemetry Transport) is a Machine-To-Machine(M2M) or Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity protocol that was designed to be extremely lightweight and useful when low battery power consumption and low network bandwidth is at a premium. It was invented in 1999 by Dr. Andy Stanford-Clark and Arlen Nipper and is now an Oasis Standard .


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