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Develop a creative way for the public and scientists alike to learn the definitions of Earth-related scientific and technical terms, using the power of crowdsourcing.


Flexsensing an Smarter and more efficient health care, getting best treatment and advice on your health, saving yourself and doctors time and money



A pervasive and persistent problem in our Health Care System is the unnecessary care.

TheInstitute of Medicine was estimated to amount to $750 billion a year, roughly 30 percent of health care spending. According ABIM Foundation, 30% of the doctors in Amercia complains that patient request unnecessary procedures and more than 53% agree to perform the test.

The main reason to physician perform these test is Malpratice concerns or to just be safe. A simple decision to choose an adequate treatment cost abot 900 dollars by patient,


Imagine getting the best treatment and advice on your health., saving yourself and doctors time and money, while keeping or improving the quality of your healthcare.

Pathologies Focused

  • Skin disorders
  • Osteoarthritis and joint disorders
  • Back problems
  • Cholesterol problems
  • Upper respiratory conditions, excluding asthma
  • Anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder
  • Chronic neurologic disorders
  • High blood pressure
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Diabetes
  • Medical History
  • Integration Microsoft Health Vault ( + 180 devices)


  1. Medical History
  2. Integration with Microsoft Health Vault (+180 devices)
  3. Talk with Experts, that can be a physician, an alternative medicine expert or a researcher on the pathology,
  4. Talk via Live Chat / Video Conference / Email
  5. Machine Learning to diagnostic pathology
  6. Bot Assistant
  7. Crowdsource Advice from Community

Medical History

Simple to register Medical Data that can be via integration with Sensors, Data Entry, Photos, Audio or Videos

Our app intent to be simple for patient, take few second to do a register and believe that most of people are "lazy" and don't pay too much attention in your health.

Patients can share information with physician and experts. An important issue is that user own the Medical History, and only the patient can share these data.

Virtual Appointment

Can talk with an expert (physician / alternative / research) via Email, Chat, Video Conference or Audio Conference, up to severity of the sympthoms.

Clinic appointment

A simple tool to access the Doctor agenda and request an appointment

Machine Learning

Rely on IBM Watson Health to detect Patterns and identify posible pathologies. We know that actual technology it's not perfect, than the diagnostic is reviewed by human experts that decide the best actions to do like send a Recommendations for the patients or active Virtual Assistant,.sending Mesages to Patients, asking for missing informations or remember to do activities. The target of the assistent is to create empathy with the user.

Second opinion

Patient can request a sencond opinion in his case, then can share Data with experts, connect with volunteer researchers or make an appointment with an expert


Nasa: They have similar sensors for guys on the space and can use crowdsource data to get help from researchs around the world

Physician; Get more simple way to talk with patients, and get more accurate data to start diagnostic, not available in a clinical trial. It's a tool not a replacement for a docitor.

Patient: Get a simple and affordable advices to improve his health, reduce cost Health Care, can get Fast Help on Emergency Situation and store a more reliable information

Health Insurance Company; Can provide a better Customer Service for the custome, Reduce Cost and the profesionals can Focus on Preventive Medicine.




Medica History


Talk Expert – Email


Talk Expert – Video


Talk Expert - Live Chat


Integration Microsoft Health Vault


Machine Learning to diagnostic


Bot Assistant


Crowdsource Advice from Community



  • Visual Studio C# (MicrosServices Architecture)
  • Xamarin – Android / iPhone / Windows Mobile
  • C++ - (OpenCV / FFMPEG)
  • Python
  • Azure Functions
  • IBM Watson (Data Insights, Vision Recognition, Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Translations, Natural Language)
  • Windows / Linux / Android / iOS / Docker



Challenges Faced

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