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The only planet known to us until now with developed species such as ourselves is Earth. Although in comparison with other stars it is tiny, for us it is enormous and we often get lost in it. Being able to explore the space and the unknown from a speck in the universe is simply fascinating. The small things make it huge, and happiness here is in the little things. Sports and cheering, the atmosphere that they create, the surge of adrenaline rushing through our blood, the excitement that it brings. We urge to learn more and the process is always fulfilling. The way humans interact with each other and how they can express certain emotions to one another is one of the coolest things you have here. If you look closely,you can see all the tiny details that the Earth has to offer.If you encourage yourself to go out and explore the untamed areas,you will realize that there are many wonders that await to be discovered. From the dry deserts such as Kalahari and Atahama,to the icy glaciers of Greenland and the Antarctic.From the exotic sunny beaches of Barbados, and all the way to the slopes of the Swiss Alps.There is a wide pallete of choices. The possibilities are endless. It is entirely up to you if you want to expand your horizons. We are the ones pushing our limits and seeking our full potential. Even though there are many obstacles on our path, we never give up and enjoy the temptation that comes with the adventure spirit.


Video Editor:
Andrej Bikovski
Marko Stojkovski
Ognen Dinevski
Additional Video:
The Documentary Network
Biker: Marko Aleksoski
Skate: Alek Apostolovski


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