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The Challenge | Earth is Cool!

Make a video to tell your story of how “Earth is cool!”

Stop Earth injustice!

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Our mission's stopping the injustice of the Earth. We often misjudge that it has only brought us misfortunes like death, diseases or wars but despite all that we are showing all the beauty Earth has by convincing aliens to live here through innovative ways

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The first thing we did was trying to gather all the negatives that leads to the Earth misjudge.

After that, we searched about some facts that makes the Earth as special as it is.

Then, we thought about what makes the Earth special to us and we asked people about what makes it special to them.

We began thinking of innovative ways to show people that in a way that would both, convince them and get straight to their heart.

We thought of making a small funny sketck that convinces people and be catchy. The idea of the sketch is trying to convince some"aliens" that living on the Earth is not as bad as they think. In fact, it has some great advantages.

After that, we make a debate "Humans vs. Aliens" with or against living on the Earth.

We show them some facts about how "cool" the Earth is and some special facts that make it worth it despite all the troubles it faces.

We gave some examples and facts to prove it too.

We used resources to get these facts like NASA Arabic website, the giver book, and livescience.Com

And that's how we succeeded at proving that "Earth Is Cool" which was our challenge.


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