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The Challenge | Earth is Cool!

Make a video to tell your story of how “Earth is cool!”

The Earth is Cool because the Law of Thermodynamics holds up. Earth is cool because it works. The Earth works because its cool.

Given 'cool' is a subjective word, we chose to provide an objective overview to represent, what we perceive, to be an integral perception about how Earth is 'cool' .

Twinkle twinkle little star!

The background was to develop a way of delivering information from one audience to another about how the Earth is cool.

We built an interactive video that offers an objective overview to explain how the Earth is cool.

By turning on community contributions, adding subtitles and links that can be altered and moderated, we have created a point of reference to contribute new and relavent information as it is deemed important, at a later date.

We used the YouTube user interface, created a point of reference, added a data link between the audio- visual data and turned the community contributions on, after uploading the content. This allows for future contributions to be made, to add substance, by way of visual representations and empirical data.

By moderating content, it reduces redundancy in the time it takes for future users to interpret the information and contribute if need be.

The content is accessible by all users in the network and at any given time, acts as a medium for the discourse of information exchange within a moderated system.

The objective of the video is to inspire the audience into a deep thought overview and the elements that work together under the subtext of Earth being cool.

The future will aim to provide mathematical and visual content that becomes more detailed as new information comes online.

This simple approach, given the right application, within the context of Youtube, could change the paradigm commonly associated with the complexities of science.


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