All Aircraft online | Requesting a NASA Flyby!

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The Challenge | Requesting a NASA Flyby!

Develop visualizations to provide NASA with new insights into airborne flights missions.


Our project name is 'Z-TRACKER' i.e. an android app which will take you to the AIRBRONE SCIENCE PROGRAM flight tracks and path data and visualize data and current status of NASA flights.

All Aircraft online

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We had developed live tracking system for it which will help next generation scientists and engineers to access this program’s data very easily from application Z-TRACKER.The thing which makes it special is we had also added an option in it which will take you to the Previous flights data with just one click and it will help learners a lot for analyzing present data by comparisons with previous flights and look up for developments.If in case any system error occurs like GPS or any sensor and automatic plotting doesn’t start of any aircraft. Then there we added manual option ‘take off entry’ in which you can enter the plane name and failure reasons. Then Z-TRACKER will start its plotting manually and in similar way if it fails to show landing parameters and data after landing of any aircraft we can get it manually by entering in option‘landed entry’.Z-TRACKER will be helpful for various other organizations to track their flights i.e. Airbus, Boeing ,ISRO and NASA’s other programs. It will be helpful for those students as well who have passion in space field by easily giving them real time view, data for study and analyzing which will produce future engineers.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.