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The Challenge | Small Spaces, Big Ideas!

Create crew-friendly designs for a habitat and/or its multi-use furniture, to be used for isolation studies on Earth that are researching the environmental and human dimensions of life on another planet.

Everywhere is home

Have you forgotten how real home tastes?



We spent our lives inside buildings, our thoughts shaped by their walls.

"We are only beginning to grasp how the insides of buildings influence the inside of the mind," said Jonah Lehrer at his blog

That’s why we worked in our project on how to enhance the colaboration and group dynamics between the crew living in the hab and we took care of the astraunauts psycological comfortability.

And Because energy is the basis of all activity we worked also on how to provide more energy from daily life activities.

The layout of the hab

1 st floor

1- exercicing room

2- cliniqual room

3- Laboratory

4- Hall + stairs

2 nd floor

1- Bedrooms

2- Sanitary block

3- Kitchen

4- Common space (living room)


The model in real life

3D model

Materials used in external design

Carbon fibers and Multi-layer insulation

Why circular form?

There is some nifty natural science that makes round buildings more comfortable, more energy-efficient and safer

Wind waves move naturally around a round building rather than getting caught at (and potentially ripping off) corners. A rounded roof avoids ‘air-planing’- a situation where a strong wind lifts the roof structure up and off of the building.

Round buildings use less wall, floor and roof mate­ri­als to enclose the same square footage as a rec­tan­gu­lar struc­ture. 15 to 20% less mate­r­ial is used to cre­ate the same square foot build­ing com­pared to a rec­tan­gu­lar design! This means the possibility for a smaller eco-footprint and more living space for less cost. It also means less sur­face area in con­tact with adverse weather con­di­tions, which improves the over­all dura­bil­ity and energy effi­ciency of the home.

The curve soft­ens the sounds inside the build­ing mak­ing it the per­fect place for rest and reflec­tion or for social­iz­ing and lis­ten­ing to and play­ing music (…think long winter evenings of storytelling around the central fire….) The shape also pre­vents noise from pen­e­trat­ing in from the out­side. Sound waves dis­si­pate as they wrap around the build­ing, shield­ing the interior from loud out­side noise.

and also the circular form refers to Connection, community, wholeness, endurance, movement, safety, perfection
Refers to the feminine: warmth, comfort, sensuality, and love.


Color Choice Affects Your Mood

It’s no surprise that color is a main component of how we experience the world around us. But, what may be surprising to some is the fact that that the colors in our environment have a definitive effect on or moods and emotions.

So we are going to use

  • Red lights under the beds to make them feel more intimate
  • Orange lights in the lab and the exercice room to offer a jolt of energy and innovation
  • yellow lights in the commun space to make it happier and unleach the creativity and create a peaceful enviroment
  • Green lights in the entry to ease the transition from the outdoors
  • Blue lights in the kitchen and bathrooms to perpetuate feelings of calm and freshness
  • Mixing all lights with white lights to crate feeling of cleanliness and purity and to define the space

Energy is the basis of all activity. Without energy, nothing moves nor transforms so we found these solutions
    • Piezoelectric carpet

    it's an energy harvesting floor mat that uses piezoelectric materials to harvest electrical energy from pedestrians walking over it.

    This can be accomplished by placing piezoelectric materials inside the mat, or in conjunction with the mat

    Its an easy circuit that can be implanted in carpets made by Trevira tissu that is non-flammable and resistant. and uses piezociramic sheets that are unbreakable when stepping on and in response to applied mechanical stress it generates electricity

    It can generate 5 watts per footstep for 0.5m²


    • Team dynamo stationary bikes

    The Team Dynamos stationary bikes are a great basic option for any home or fitness gym. Using the FireWheel FIGG generator system, these machines can generate up to 450 watts of energy depending on the fitness level of the human using them. and it helps in enhancing the group dynamics while working out in group


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