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Global Nominee

The Challenge | Space Jockey

Build a tool that allows a user to virtually experience riding on any one of NASA’s current Earth observing satellites and allow for co-localization of data from various instruments.

Project Shadowfax

Project Shadowfax is an interactive web application that allows the user to interact with 18 satellites and the International Space Station.

Team Ramrod


Shadowfax allows the public to interact with eighteen satellite missions and three instruments that are aboard the International Space Station (ISS). These spacecraft missions and instruments are current NASA missions which are focused on Earth observation.

This web based application obtains the most recent Two Line Element (TLE) data from NORAD to propagate the orbits of the satellites and the ISS around the earth using the SGP4 propagator. Shadowfax allows the public to select one, multiple or all the spacecrafts as well as the duration the propagation.

The application also displays a projection of the Earth sensing instruments ground track for select sensors aboard the satellites and the ISS. This allows for the visualization of satellite sensor co-location.

Also available are various viewpoints from which to view the spacecraft motions. These viewpoints include a 3-D globe view, 2-D map view, and spacecraft jockey view (view of the spacecraft) all with panning and zoom capabilities.

Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.



  • Cesium
  • Angular
  • Bootstrap
  • Express
  • Bing - Satellite Images
  • Body-Parser
  • jQuery
  • q
  • moment.js
  • satellite.js
  • underscore.js

Data Sources:

  • (NORAD TLE Data)
  • NASA (Satellite Parameters)
  • Wikipedia (Images of Satellites)
  • Adobe Color (Bubba Meanu2)

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