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Pick a migratory species of your choice and build a tool that shows the distribution of their available habitats, and track their sightings in real time!

Gratitude to Cranes

Smart and collaborative system to save the cranes and their habitats.

Gratitude to the Crane


Cranes are amazing birds flying thousands of kilometers during the migration period. Based on observations from previous studies we are worried about the decreasing number of cranes and their habitats.


To address this issue, we have developed the Gratitude to Cranes System to monitor and predict possible location of habitats.

Our system comes into 3 parts.

  • The backend processing data using deep learning and accessible via API.
  • The Web site displaying the path and the habitats of cranes on a 3D map through the years.
  • The mobile application collecting GPS information from users observations.


With our solution we want to protect the cranes from the impact of man on Earth. It's our role to protect animal species so our next generations will be able to enjoy the sight of such amazing bird.



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