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Pick a migratory species of your choice and build a tool that shows the distribution of their available habitats, and track their sightings in real time!

Visualize Wood Stork Migration

Our project is aimed to visualize and understand the patterns of wood stork migration between Florida and South Carolina.

Migration of Wood Storks

Wood storks encountered with high decrease in population in late 1990s. Recent adjustments made them possible to survive longer. However, there is no guarantee that their surroundings will be better, so we decide to analyze their migration and habitat selection patterns.

Recent NASA data really helped us in this challenge. Goddard Space Flight Center chased the wood storks through GPS and record the data for further analysis. Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission data gives us the precipitation data to understand the effect of clean water in migration. Normalized Difference Vegetation Index data provides comparison of greening of leaves within the territory and thereby the correlation of habitat selection and greening. Lastly, overall GPS movement data can catch the movements of hunts and hunters, so that we understand the food and shelter needs.

The main challenges are the combination of databases, interpretation of data, cleaning of data and combining datasets into a new database. Not overcoming some, we could make a demo for our initial analysis for more than 10 locations.




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