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Ciudad Obregón, Sonora.

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The Challenge | Migratory Travels and Travel Stories

Pick a migratory species of your choice and build a tool that shows the distribution of their available habitats, and track their sightings in real time!

Wild Dex

Wild Dex is a teaching app aimed at children. It shows the historic migration route of different species around the world, and in addition it gives us interesting facts and the possibility to observe a photo gallery.


What does Wild Dex do?

  • It shows you the historic migration route and the travel months of different species.
  • You can learn fun facts about the species and the importance of their migratory travel, hear the sound of each species and view a breath –taking photo gallery of the animals in their natural habitat!

Explore, learn and share, Wild Dex.


Information resources provided by NASA:







Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Netbeans and Android Studio.

Further work

  • The app is currently being developed for mobile devices (android).
  • Include more species and up-scale the map to a global view.
  • Add videos into the interactive features so you can watch and learn about the behavior of species.
  • Help us track species based on your sightings! Be able to mark the location of your sighting via GPS and even upload a picture to share with the community.

Our GitHub Repository can be found here:

Wild Dex


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