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Compare NASA Earth science data with data about people and tell your own story of human-environment interactions!

-KEN- Data you can touch

-KEN- A Virtual Reality tool, used to visualise and contextualise NASA Earth Science and Human Dimension data.


Ever been really interested in how many people live in your city and what you as a community contribute to CO2 emissions? -KEN-'s got your sorted!

-KEN- is a mobile Virtual Reality data visualisation tool that can not only provide you with the information to answer that question, but it can deliver it in a way that is easy to digest, is tangible, and is fun!

-KEN-, an old Scottish word for understanding, utilises NASA's Earth Science and Human Dimension Data to provide a database of information on the earth ranging from Carbon Monoxide levels in the atmosphere to population density measurements from around the world.

The amazing thing with -KEN-, is that it has the power to visualise ANY set of data, making it INFINITELY applicable to all kinds of tasks, industries, and opportunities. Students can use it in the classroom to look at the financial and human and fauna impact of the world wars on the world geographically, stimulating a new kind of conversation for our next generation. Businesses can combine financial data with local demo-graphical statistics to design a business plan and marketing strategy, and NASA can use it to bring to life their comprehensive data.

The data is projected over a 3D virtual earth, with different data sets represented in their own unique visual ways: precipitation are blue clouds, Co2 emissions grey clouds, population dots of varying colour and size, and purchasing power parity as gold towers protruding out of the earths surface.

-KEN- Data you can touch

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SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.