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Rio Cuarto

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The Challenge | Our Planet, Our Home

Compare NASA Earth science data with data about people and tell your own story of human-environment interactions!


Seedtime helps you to choose the best tree to plant based on your ecoregion and ground conditions and gives you the info that you need to keep your tree healthy. Plant, upload and share, with Seedtime!


When we started with Seedtime, we wanted to suggest trees to plant based on the ecoregion and ground conditions of the user, obtained via GPS and NASA data.

This was our core idea, but we had a problem: why would people use our app? Our solution: make our app social. People loves share things, show to everyone what they do and, in this case, how they help the planet by planting a tree. So Seedtime took this way, and ended being a social app with ecological features. What an unexpected combination!

After solving this problem, we splitted our app in an API and an Android application, making it possible to anybody to build its own application using our information.

We are proud of Seedtime, and we believe it has an unlimited potential, we just have to exploit it!

Source code:

Data used:

Ecoregions and tree database from different sources.


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