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The Challenge | Our Planet, Our Home

Compare NASA Earth science data with data about people and tell your own story of human-environment interactions!

Tell Earth's Emotion

This project is “Teaching Earth’s Emotion” for people. This machine teaches environment of your location because this machine is able to get the information of the environment.And the machine can tell our using color of light is philips hue’s light.


We are college student of Aizu. We are interested in this hackson because we learn programing in college nowadays and like NASA. NASA’s study is so great. We watch the data and article well.

We plan expressing emotion of earth using color. For example, P.M2.5, weather in your location, pollen in your country, current radiation and if when you are dangerous like a earth quake, a tidal wave and a volcanic eruption. This app we make tell our them using color of philips hue. We think everybody knows about color. When you are danger, what color do you imagine? We think you imagine red or yellow similar red and if you are safety, I think you imagine blue or green, so we think we want to use this color’s imagination of people. And it is easy to convey the color a child and elderly clearly. This app can teach the environment of your location easily using the color. Many children can learn environment in your location using the app, because we said that. So if we have this one, we can learn it and understand about the environment of the earth deeply because we come to mind it about environment.

This time, we participated in Aizu, so this machine’s form is like this picture. this is called “AKABEKO”. It is kinda a bull and we think it is a guardian deity in Aizu. We decided this form because we felt affection for this form.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.