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Save the Lake

Carlos Paz is a touristic city in Argentina, situated along San Roque Lake. Water quality in the Lake has been decaying since the 60's due to rapid urbanization, and others aspects. We propose checkpoints for measuring and monitoring the water quality.

Yo le regalo a mi Patria

San Roque Lake basin has four tributary rivers; Los Chorrillos, Las Mojarras, Cosquin River and the most important, San Antonio river. Its basin is quite wide, covering a strip of 25 by 70 kilometers (15.5 by 43.5 miles), mainly in Punilla valley.

Water quality in the Lake and its basin directly impacts on the area inhabitants, tourists who visit the valley and a big part of the population of Cordoba, the province capital, where about 70% of its population consume this resource.

While we look forward to a Government solution for sewage networks, sewage treatment plants, and soil use regulations, we consider that it will be helpful to have open and trustworthy information shared and updated by the Government, media and residents about changes in the Lake and its basin, in order to improve decission making.

It is our intention to install sensors in the last kilometers of the Lake tributaries, and cameras on the bridges. With 8 static sensors on the bridges, 12 in the periphery of Lake, 1 on the Cosquin river mouth, dynamic sensors on ships in the Lake, and satellital information we hope to keep track of the water quality and mitigate the impact of polluting processes. The main aspects that we should keep track of are: stational succession of phitoplancton, quantitative composition, species diversity, clorophyll concentration, along with chemical parameters and Secchi disk depth. In addition, bacteriological, PH, temperature and sedimentation analysis provide us with information referred to the eutrophication of the Lake, the water quality and its evolution.

We also developed a multi-platform web application compatible with Windows, Android, Ubuntu and other GNU OS's, developed with Bootstrap which consumes the Google Maps API. This app alerts about polluted areas in the Lake and contains statistics and information about the Lake and its basin. The information is available for public-use and it is easy to visualize.

We firmly believe that having good information will improve the citizenship and government commitment on the conservation of the Lake, as we could notice that better and faster responses were taken when people could see the problem.

We consider that this effort is necessary, feasible and appliable on a global scale, as it addresses a global problem. We also could applicate this solution in oceans trough maritime ship roads.

Lago San Roque (Save the Lake Proyect)

Our App:

Permanent Monitoring Activity of the San Roque Reservoir and its Basin:

Hydrical study Cordoba:

Global imagery: https://developer.earthdata.nasa.gov/gibs/gibs-ava...



Google Maps: https://maps.google.com.ar/
Landsat Satellite: https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/landsat/main/
INA (National Water Institute): http://www.ina.gov.ar/
UNC (Cordoba National University): https://www.unc.edu.ar/


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