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Local Peoples' Choice Winner

The Challenge | Trace Invaders

Develop a tool to trace invasive species in your neighborhood over time!

Tools to help alien live on the earth

We made tool for alien to live in the earth. Recently a lot of stars resembling the earth have been found in the universe. So there may be a alien in a personal appearance. If you find someone who seems to be an alien, please introduce this service

Kuma’s Bear

Let's become a feeling of the alien who came to the earth.

They have plenty to do. It is not about doing their mission.

It is to live on the earth.

First of all they have to find a house.

And how to procure food, then weather on the earth not familiar, disaster information.

Also, their compatriots may be coming to Earth, so space information aired on Earth.

Aliens need to purchase such various kinds of information.

It is the service that we created to solve it.

Now they will not be in trouble.

Stars that are similar to various earth are currently being discovered. Perhaps you are surrounded by aliens around you.

Have you noticed something like aliens?

If you have such a person please introduce this service

It's our production link.


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