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Few more hours left !!
Few more hours left !!
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Useful resources

Gene related data:

The Gene related data such as gene composition is available in the dataset provided in the following link. You can use the ‘Neucleotide’ dataset to observe the gene composition of most species.

Animal Tracking Data:

Movebank provides tracking information for some animals. The tracking data is limited, and some does not contain downloadable data, but you can download data by going to the information if the data is available.

Maps for birds. Can search based on regions and etc.

Migratory birds dataset. This is an outside dataset.


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kanchanarpAravinda Kanchana Ruwanpathirana



Two main transfer methods of gene can be seen,

1.Vertical gene transfer

  • Transfer of genetic material is from parents to offspring through sexual or asexual reproduction.

2.Horizontal gene transfer

  • Movement of genetic material from a donor organism to a recipient organism that is not its offspring.

According to the preliminary research our team executed, these two transfer methods are the cause of gene flow between different populations of the species. However, our team is mainly focusing on the vertical flow which is more feasible to track in the given time interval.

Factors (Barriers and facilitators to the gene flow)

Currently, our team has identified several general factors which govern the gene flow of any given species.

  • Climate changes
  • Migration patterns
  • Environment and Landscape
  • Human behaviours
    • man-made artificial barriers
    • Deforestation
    • War Zones

Problems Currently at large

  1. Preparing a spatial and temporal gene dataset
  2. Best method to estimate the gene flow
tskumarageKumarage Tharindu Sandaruwan Kumarage

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