Wild Arctic Girls | The Arctic Game

Barrow, AK

The Challenge | The Arctic Game

Design a mobile game that helps document the local Arctic environment by crowdsourcing photos and information, while enhancing intercultural and intergenerational learning in the Inupiaq communities.

Arctic Expedition

Arctic Expedition is an App designed to educate the public about their local wildlife while simultaneously teaching them about the Arctic Wildlife and Culture.

Wild Arctic Girls

App: Arctic Expedition


  • Pic Quest
    • Users finds animal and plant species nearby and takes photos
      • photos are geographically mapped using the gps location and sent to nearby wildlife databases
      • For every photo taken, the user gets a certain number of points
      • If they can correctly identify the species as well, they are given bonus points.
  • Arctic Challenge
    • Answer trivia and earn points.
    • Every correct answer adds points
    • Every incorrect answer subtracts points
      • English
        • Trivia on animal/plant species in the arctic
        • Trivia on arctic traditions and historical events
      • Iñupiaq
        • Language Learning Program
        • All of the Trivia in the English section, but in Iñupiaq.
  • Learning Center
    • Learn facts about animal species and how to identify them
    • Learn facts about the Arctic
      • Including: wildlife, culture, traditions, and history
  • Help & Options
    • How to play the games
      • App Support
      • Settings
        • Sound Settings
        • Notification Settings
        • Location Settings
  • Login
    • The user can log in to one of the presented social media sites by clicking on the logo or if they wish to use a different site, they can login via the login button.Their username will be used on the scoreboard next to their total amount.

The resources used were primarily from the ArtRage Studio Program and iMovie.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.