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Local Peoples' Choice Winner

The Challenge | Icy Polar Opposites

Design a data analysis and/or visualization tool to show the spatial and temporal changes in Arctic and Antarctic ice to a general audience.

Blanc & L4DY WH1T3

How we want to save the Arctic/Antarctic? We come out with an apps called BLANC which shows data provided by L4DYWH1T3, a rover that will collect all the information on the Arctic/Antarctic.



• We want to create awareness to the public about the dangers in rising sea levels.


• People can't see what's happen to the Arctic and Antarctic. Something is happening; temperature is increasing, sea levels are rising, glaciers are melting. Because they can't see it, they don't take this problems as serious.

• The data provided by NASA is quite complicated for public to understand. https://nsidc.org/icebridge/portal/map


• We create BLANC, an application that could create awareness to the public because BLANC converts all NASA's complex information into easier or layman terms which the public without any basic or knowledge on geology or meteorology can understand what is happening.

• And also to help NASA's DC8, an aeroplane in the icebridge programme, since DC8 faces problems like unpredicted dangers. Because of many problems faced by this DC8, we came out with a rover called L4DYWH1T3. This will reduced NASA's problems and also can help to get better and accurate data and information. Since L4DYWH1T3, the rover, can just be transported there once and NASA can now operate the rover through computer programming in the Chile airport, where NASA will always fly or depart from. Now NASA can reduce the dangers that they are exposed to, since they only need to fly there once. We also plan to first target users who are in the low areas, continents that may be the first to be affected by the rising sea levels.


• Different from other NASA's rovers, our rover is spherical in shape. Why? because it acts as a camouflage for the rover. Since we put it in the Antarctic, polar bears and penguins might think that this rover will harm them. So, if it is sphere, and some more it's color is white, the animals might think that it is just a snowball.

• We put 360 camera on L4DYWH1T3 also. This can help the rover to captures more pictures so that we can easily identify the changes that occur daily at that particular place.

•Due to harsh conditions in the Arctic and also Antarctic, our L4DYWH1T3 actually able to generate heat by itself. The heat is only enough for it to get warm, and not melting the place.

• Why we came out with a rover, not drones? Basically, drones are not suitable to be used. Because on the Arctic and Antarctic, sometimes they will have blizzards. This blizzards speed can go up until 160km/hour . Imagine if we use drones during the blizzard, our drones might be flew away,can't be found and also cannot collect data anymore.

Never underestimate what a Microbiologist can do.

We are not engineers, physicists, programmers and even hackers. We are only microbiologist. But then, we concerned about this issue. We want to help making people realize about this thing and lead them to take action to save the ice from melting rapidly. By providing simple apps, BLANC, we think that it can make our dreams to educate public come true. Choose BLANC!

Thank you😊


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