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Awards & Nominations

Pinball Blizzard has received the following awards and nominations. Way to go!

Global Nominee

The Challenge | Icy Polar Opposites

Design a data analysis and/or visualization tool to show the spatial and temporal changes in Arctic and Antarctic ice to a general audience.

Pinball Blizzard - Turn Back the Clock on Climate Change!

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A fun and accessible way to interact with NASA ice cap visualization can help tell the story of the data and the human impact on it, and teach us how our actions and choices affect our planet.

Pinball Blizzard

Pinball blizzard is a digital game projected onto a physical pinball board.

The game scoreboard is the status of the arctic ice cap – a visualization of the NASA sea ice age dataset.

Work together as a team to reduce harmful human effects on arctic sea ice, and promote positive change to turn back the clock and restore the ice caps.

The files and plans for construction are all open source and digitally fabricated so the game can be replicated and produced at schools, science centers, museums, NASA visitors centers, or commission us to build it for you!

The game can also be played on a tablet device for wider distribution and even higher impact.


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