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Awards & Nominations

The polar bears has received the following awards and nominations. Way to go!

Global Nominee

The Challenge | Icy Polar Opposites

Design a data analysis and/or visualization tool to show the spatial and temporal changes in Arctic and Antarctic ice to a general audience.

Open Ice

Our aim is to bring spatial and temporal ice data of Arctic and Antarctic to the general public via web-based interactive data visualization and a developer-friendly open API with good documentation

The polar bears


We are from 5 different countries but we share the same scientific curiosity, passion about bringing science data to the general public, and concern about the environment and climate change in general.

What we built

  1. We cleaned up the data provided in the challenge and turned it into an API that could be queried easily with keywords and other parameters, with documentation for developers and the science community in general so that they can easily built other tools that can benefit their research or for science communication.
  2. On top of the data we built web-based interactive data visualization with charts and 3D globes that are both easily understandable by the general public and accessible across platforms (mobile, tablet, computer).

How we built

  • Python / Jupyter (for data processing)
  • MongoDB (for database)
  • NodeJS / Express (for backend)
  • JavaScript / Cesium (for frontend and data visualization)


See the list of data in our GitHub documentation:

Next Steps

  1. Improve our API with more data and more ways of querying
  2. Enrich our web-based interactive data visualization with more aggregated data



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