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The Challenge | Water, Water, Everywhere!

Develop a tool that provides emergency management personnel with an up-to-date flood-risk map for an area of interest.

Smart Sensible Manhole

Our innovation can solve most of the problems related to water sanitation system automatically. Can indicate the exact position of uncovered manhole and blockage of pipelines using our app,can clean out a manhole automatically,can help us get rid of flood.

Black Shoot

Every year, constantly we're having difficulties because of water sanitation system. We have found no enough solution of this matter even at this digital era. Govt. are taking steps but nothing working much properly. That means there must be some bigger problems left in our systems. To solve all these difficulties properly using modern methodologies, so that no one has to face the common difficulties regarding drainage system and that's the main target of our team!

This time, we're researching on water sanitation problem on earth and other related to manholes. We named our innovation "Smart Sensible Manhole". Let's see what kind of problems we face because of manholes.

In cities, sanitation system is mainly maintained by manholes. Its main purpose is to reduce many types of adversities. But it is seen that, when it rains even just a little, water comes out from manholes causing many problems including traffic jam and adversities to passers-by. Road accidents are happening, passers-by including children are falling into manhole when a manhole is without its cover. A very common phenomenon is that when a manhole pipe line is stuck with wastes, we're digging all the roads to fix it as we don’t know where the problem exactly is. We are introducing with a very special system where we'll fix all these problems step by step.

1. We are working to maintain the normal water flow in a manhole

2.Alerting people that next manhole is uncovered

3.Informing the authority which manhole has no cover and to identify where the wastes are stuck in a drain.

4. Filtering most of the wastes and cleaning them out without getting down on the manhole.

We're informing the authority about the problem using an android app and a micro-controller.

So these are the problems people face. Now how can we solve this?

1st solution, If anyone removes the manhole cover of any manhole, control board will show it to the authority and they'll get a massage on their phone along with the position of that manhole. This red light, speaker will warn the passers-by, drivers about the danger. So that they can avoid accidents even the road is flooded.(Actually if we use our innovation, there will be a little chance for being flooded).

2nd solution, Each manhole will have a motor along with sharp blades. When water level rises in a manhole for any reason, this motor will start working automatically and water will be flown at a higher rate because of centrifugal force. All heavy waste materials will be gathered in a wire frame which can be cleaned out from outside the manhole. So workers have not to enter into manholes and die of methane and other poisonous gases.

3rd one is, If water can't flow through the pipeline , the authority will get a text message about the blockage position along with the exact location .So we can detect very easily where the problem exactly is and we don't have to dig all the roads to clean the drain.

We are planning to use google map to identify the location of the manhole. Drivers can use google map to identify the location of manhole and be careful.

If our innovation comes true, most of the adversities we face because of manholes will be solved very easily. No one will die again because of a manhole. We can easily get rid of floods using our powerful motors.

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