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Global Nominee

The Challenge | Water, Water, Everywhere!

Develop a tool that provides emergency management personnel with an up-to-date flood-risk map for an area of interest.

Life Saver

Life Saver aims to protect and rescue people around the globe in critical (flooded) situations.and also aware the people who will be in danger zone related to flood.


Our Intro:

We're NERDS from Pakistan.

Anmol Shahid

Muhammad Bilal Riaz

Awais Naseer

Product Summary:

Our product will protect and rescue people and help them find a safe passage. The product will generate an alert notification whenever there is a danger of flood. The product will detect users current location and it will direct the user through GPS and internet to safe location.

  • It provides an easy to use interface for every single type of person.
  • It provides real time weather forecast using yahoo weather forecasting Api.
  • It will provide an alert notification about danger of flood.
  • It will show updated real time flood map using multiple trusted sources.
  • Shows world population density information map.
  • By taking users current coordinates it will find a safe passage for person in flooded situations via comparing multiple resources.
  • It also contains feature of explaining the geographical terrain.
Our aim:

Every year many lives are wasted due to floods. We are motivated and passionate to save those lives by our mobile application that will use all the available resources to save more lives.

how its Work:

Our mobile application is totally based on trusted Api 's, means it collects data from different active resources(servers) like YAHOOs weather forecasting services and displays them in good manner. Alert notifications also comes from customized resources in critical environment. End device should have active internet connection to access full functionality of this application.


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