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Global Nominee

The Challenge | Water, Water, Everywhere!

Develop a tool that provides emergency management personnel with an up-to-date flood-risk map for an area of interest.

STORM(Strategic Tactics for Operational and Relief Measures)

STORM is an emergency guide for flood hazards, providing its users with the ability to look for the nearest evacuation centers when required, up-to-date weather information (weather, temperature), visualizations on current rainfall data, emergency SOS butt

Nobis Quod Astra

Detailed Description of STORM

STORM utilizes a Web Portal, giving access to the Administrators of the system, and allowing them to add Evacuation Centers and perform various other functions with the aid of a database, giving the end-user a seamless experience while using the application. The data from the website is then retrieved by the STORM mobile app through the help of an API, which passes the data in JSON format, then converted to Java objects by the app and made use of to plot the position of the evacuation centers. The SOS message button, meanwhile, makes use of the user’s phone messaging service to send messages for help to the default public safety and emergency authority, in our case, 911. Historic flood data is retrieved using a .BIN file obtained from NASA’s given resources, and then converted into Java to be plotted on the map and be visualized. The rainfall, wind, and temperature is shown based on satellite data obtained every 24-hours.


Simple Weather
Author: Aaditya Menon

Retrofit API
Author: Square Inc.

Google (Maps)
Author: Google Inc.
Reference: https://­­/maps/

National Aeronautic and Space Administration
Author: Dr. Huan Wu (University of Maryland)
Reference: http://­­download/2013/201311/


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.