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The Challenge | Water, Water, Everywhere!

Develop a tool that provides emergency management personnel with an up-to-date flood-risk map for an area of interest.


We Keep Watching To Keep You Safe


Description :


Natural disaster have always been striking in all different forms. Flood One of them. Always it quit with important damage all around.

One of the things to do to face such a phenomena, is to build well thought and designed water systems and infrastructure, even go and imply sophisticated technology and infrastructures as it is the case in japan for example. Thinking of such a thing is important and necessity when it’s affordable. However that’s can be not sufficient and also can’t be affordable in all places across all the country specially regions in countryside and mountains.

That in advanced country and first world. what about the poor and the third world. We can't even talk.

It's a disaster.

Poor and bad infrastructure. No organization and not paying at all attention to such a phenomena. even if the bad happen they may stay ignore it. and that just how the structure of that world and the state and the all problems they live in.

Our Solution, a system of two parts: hardware and software. both a completion to the sophisticated infrastructure in great region. And a great valuable solution for the region without any measure . It's global and can be applied to any place in the world. That's our goal. Make it important. We want it to be affordable to every one in this world (or to the whole world). Our solution is preventive and for emergency management at a start, but it's too more than that, it's extensible and we aim to treat all the part of that whole problem, we are savers, we want to do all what can be done to save lives.

Technical :

System principle:

How it work:

We created a multifunction device that can be used in all types of water bodies , it’s a complete water Surveillance setup to install in the red zones in the nasa flood’s map , it consist of :

- A water level meter that constantly check the water level.

- A water analyzing stations that use special sensors to measure the PH , Total Dissolved Solids , concentration of dissolved OXYGEN , TEMPERATURE , & THE WATER SPEED .

These infos will be wirlessly transmitted to a special control center(server) and get stored treated and compared to a preset data .

, The information is updated in real time, also can be consulted in real time by the users. The server will calculate the acceleration of water level augmentation , and the possibility of floods. When a danger is determined, the system will notify in the same time both peoples and controllers. Controllers are a type of user with special accounts just like fire departments, theywill have an advance to prepare act and guide people. They can create from the appropriate page, the green zones, zones where people will evacuate. Accompanied with notice and instructions as info bull. The platform also act as a medium for communication between the controllers (authorities, fire department, ... ) and the citizens. Citizens can report what’s important.

The platform is accessible through different devices, web browsers on pc, phones, tablets, smartTVs, cars screen and computers.

Wikipedia power and simplicity of deployment:

The system is to be available for every body, for normal persons and not only authorities. Every one can have it. And for any type of use. For flood, normal people can buy it, install it, and have it work. They share it as public, and every body will benefit from it, our network will grow to cover more and more. Just like with wiki. People get united. And make it possible. For the installation and deployment it’s easy as: install it in place, turn it on, subscribe in the platform, and it will be functional. The configuration happen automatically with a system that is put in place.


For notifications, the system warn people through social media (facebook, tweeter, ), email, and also by sms and voice call.

Extensible and wide Range of use:

The system is thought to be exploited to the max, it support different devices, every one suited for a specific case. Like have a device specific to use in a city, and another to be used and put in a lake or river, and so on ..., we thought about different deviData, information collection:ces. And all may work together. We support even some uses that are not related to floods, like monitoring a tank, and get notified following a setup. For flood, imagine how traffic assistance will be, you get notified in advance, to avoid the risk, also you get suggestion of alternative paths and detours. Also one of the things we can support are soil erosion, having a specified device to be planted, it can work with the platform, and provide more risk prevention. And in many time it can be related to water and floods. But not necessarily. Also there is the valuable information and data on the water state, where we can get a lot, determine wither water is suitable for human and animal consumption & the ability to use in agriculture activities, these data will help also in studying the underwater wild life for example; some species can not survive in a certain oxygen concentration in water, and another can not support the temperature and a certain water speed , oxygen concentration will also tell us about the existence of bacteria in that water , so these elements can and will help us to study the appearing ad disappearing and even guessing the type of under water creatures. Coming back to traffic we can have a device installed in the road where there is a curvature and water resemble. accompanied with a panel in side, warn people visually when there is enough water to be risky, but also in advance through there car screen.

The Map:

The map is one of the thing you will use often, to enter data, consult and search the info, and to get assisted. The platform will be using Google map api, and also openstreet map, even that is a technical thing. We optimize this use, and simplify it. So it will be efficient and quick. We mention road proposition, and navigation, and different useful info, and data, using different type of markers, and info bulls. Well it should exploit all what the map can provide. A great idea here for example, is to show important place like hospitals, pharmacies, food, schools, towers, and all important places in urgency.

Using the data of the satellites like landsat:

Satellites and the info that was collected is too important, we thought about a service that take

this info, and determine wither a region is or not a risky place. Simple it is, you provide the coordinates of the place (can be done with a map), and you get if it’s a risk area, and you get different info.


Using some API’s the platform can treat weather data, and notify people, both it’s useful out of floods, but also it can be a way to warn people and have them to take some measure if they want.

Rise a community:

Work on sub platform, to make life to a community around the problem, people can get problem, determine risk zones, and ask others for help and solutions, and also enrich the information about the problem.

Data, information collection:

One of the valuable things, is data collection. Information get stored, and can be provided to the specified sides, to be used later with the data science tools from data-mining big-data, and deep learning. So the platform participate in learning and research.

Problem :

Power supply, how we do in places where there is no electricity. We count use solar panel, also in suitable places like in rivers with great currant, we can use turbine.

What about places where there is no gsm covering. Here we can provide special devices that works with satellites.

Work flow :

Use of google api and open street map api, javascipt to manage all the thing about the maps. Details about the design is in our github repository.

Use of ionic, angularjs, cordova for a cross platform and mobile support

Our server is programmed in php, we may use a language like python if needed.

We use mysql as a database.

We use jquery.

We use ip php api. To determine location of the visitors. Based on there ip.

Also we use html5 localization feature

The platform is a set of models and controllers in php ,in the server side, that manage data and logic.

And javascript and all different framework in the client side different view, and using Ajax request for everything, we retrieve data, and display it and make use of it, in the better way. The platform is such an interaction between server and clients.

use of Arduino, and different detectors, also use of android studio.

Going further and future:

Adding support for Emergency tools, like drones, for example have the platform controls drones, to send them to appropriate places, just with using the map, and some buttons. So with authorities or eventual people, the use of such tools will be from one place.

Make use of the artificial intelligence and machine learning, to improve the assistance add more

features, and optimism the efficiency.

try to find new ways to improve the predictions.

Improve and work on the versatility of the platform, to make best use of it. And there is a lot of things we can do in that side.

Improve and find more solutions on the problem about power supply.

In fact there is more and more, we can’t talk about every thing in a small description. But that’s how the system is going, and how is shaping.

A prenstation of our project :

Source code :


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