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A simple web app made for simple people

This is the source code for a dummy code prototype attempting to implement a tool that visualizes the closest highest distributed concentrated water body relative to the user of the tool. The tool's aim is to aid the user in locating underground bodies of water of potential concern to the user taking into account their inputted position (via search form, or the GPS function) while also providing various aggregate technical details of interest, including Water Depth, Water Storage, and Water Productivity. The system is designed for easy extension (modular and unassuming/unbiased in nature) so extending the tool with more datasets besides those provided currently (Africa's underground water distribution and details) is a very simple task of simply adding a few more lines of code.

We believe this project can assist concerned individuals (.e.g farmers, land owners, land managers, etc) more easily and painlessly discover various points of interest in regards to the information provided by this tool, while also assisting them in their various endeavors to more efficiently utilize the resources at their disposal.

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