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The Challenge | Where's the Water?

Use satellite and other data to allow farmers, landowners, and land managers in your locale to identify and visualize water resources in their surroundings.


About 1.69 percent of earth's water is in the form of ground water and it is depleting rapidly. We aim to develop a one stop app so that everyone can understand the problem and a find a solution to it.

Team Go

The Problem

Use satellite and other data to allow farmers, landowners, and land managers in your locale to identify and visualise water resources in their surroundings.

our solution

Before the solution it all begins with a story and a simple idea.

The story is simple, the one who is in the primary industry and is using the ground water regularly is knowingly or unknowingly exploiting it. It is high time now we tell the world that one of the most important form of water resource is getting depleted exponentially.

We came up with this idea of an App for anyone who wish to explore how trends are changing across continents in ground water level and the associated reason.

WaterGo, so how does this app works? We wanted to explore the data but it was confusing at first with a lot of data floating everywhere online, we scrapped everything we could starting from ground level indication from satellite, precipitation, frost and population nearby.

The User using the app can check if the land is sustainable for agriculture and what will be it's status in the near future

Concepts of deep learning helped us understand the trend of how global ground water levels have dramatically changed.


We plan to expand our app and make it more detailed. Add maps which shows the ground water level over the next 10 years to make it more interactive and easy to use. Add a compare feature so that land owners and farmers can easily determine where to buy the land.


  • Python
  • Java
  • D3.js (JavaScript library)








1)Android App:

2)Machine Learning Data:


Anurag sarkar- Writing the Machine learning algorithms

Mayank Agarwal- Making the beautiful Android App

Navdeesh Ahuja- Making the attractive Ios App

Pranav Dheer- Serious research on data and algorithms

Subhanjan Chakraborty- Making the apps, presentations and the video perfect.

Rajarshi Bhattacharyya- Gathering data and processing.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.