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The Challenge | And YOU can Help Fight Fires!

Build a fire-monitoring and crowdsourcing tool that will allow local fire managers to respond to wildfires.

Savely - Smart Fire Management Tool

Savely is a smart management tool to help a global problem - handling wildfires

Astronomsko Drustvo - Bitola
  • "Savely" is an application that provides near-real time satellite data about active fires around the globe. The data from the two satellites (Aqua & Terra) is processed between 75 and 180 minutes. And as we know, that's not enough to react in time, especially when it's about wildfires. So we took a step further.
  • We are building a software that collects user information (images and location) from a nearby fire. The data is then processed by our software innovation that makes easy to point the location on our map. After the information is collected, the software itself makes a radius based on the size and temperature of the fire and also includes data like statistically critical points. With the help of a phone's camera, gps and gyro sensors (with parallax like effect), we can calculate the location of fires over great distances. The tool sends the data to the nearest fire station, after which they analyse the data and easily find the target and also use it to determine if there are any objects of interest nearby such as hospitals, lakes or any potentially hazardous objects like gas stations, so they can act accordingly.
  • The fire department can input and use their database of routes and by using AI, the application can determine the safest route for evacuation of potentialy endangered citizens. The tool has the potential to give evaluations for damaged areas after the fire is being neutralised.
  • The application also can send alerts such as e-mails, SMS messages or even phone calls in order to alert and evacuate civillians in the zones which are being affected by a fire.
  • Before the end, one of the most interesting parts from this newmade application is our data analysis that can predict potential wildfires based on statistical data and weather conditions, so the fire can be prevented in time. Also it can take advantage of termal sensors installed on critical spots.
  • Our idea is to help the damaged areas and affected citizens by creating a crowdfunding project, where people can donate and make the situation of the affected people a bit better.
  • About monetizing and future development of the application, we choose to use the option of just mentioned crowdfunding idea, i.e. using just a small percent for example, just 2% to carry on the further development. It is about the big picture, isn't it? When we are talking about future development, we should mention that this future application can be used and expanded for all kinds of natural disasters.

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