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The Challenge | And YOU can Help Fight Fires!

Build a fire-monitoring and crowdsourcing tool that will allow local fire managers to respond to wildfires.

Fight Fire With Drones

In this project we will controle and limit fire incidents and wildfires. Thanks to drones, A.I. and NASA's data.



About Team EVE :

We are a team of four members Mohamed Ihsen Bouallegue as a leader, Firas Al Sharfi, Mohamed Aziz Ben Tmessek and Mohamed Bel Ayeb. We are all teenagers of 16 years old and study in the pioneer school of Zaghouan, Tunisia. We have an ambitious project. At first it sounds impossible but we strongly believe in our idea and that it has the potentiel to see light.

General Idea :

We started with taking a good look at NASA's data and then we started attacking our goals one by one. We faced some challenges during the conception of the drone and how it will act to minimize the intervation time. So, we created a solid system that controls the forest. the EVE Fire Fighters (drones) can also be deployed in cities and hard to get locations. Not to mention their near immediate intervation time and their capabilities to collect sensible data and predict way more precisely the next incident or the spreading of a wildfire.

The Application and A.I :

EVE Fire Fighter is an application that :

  • Gives people the possibility to indicate fire locations within seconds of notice
  • Warns people and evacuates them as fast as possible
  • Indicates the way the fire truck will take and its current position
  • The drones are always ready to be launched to any fire location

Drones artificial intelligence :

  • They can work together
  • They are autonomous and don’t need the assistance of man

Drone Concept :

  • Equipped with a variety of sensors : Temperature, Humidity, Co2, Co and Wind direction sensors
  • Prediction of :
    1. Incoming fire incidents through sensors data base and machine learning
    2. Fire spreading through wind sensor and satellites data ( generating a fire spreading map to assist fire fighters in their mission )
  • Equipped with ABC powder : Capable of stopping/controlling a fire
  • The frame is built of Carbon Fiber (rigid, light, high tempreture resistance)
  • Get the location of the fire and provides a toporgraphie map to fire fighters ( so they will be familiar with the space they will be working in )

Watchtower Concept :

  • Located on the highest point of the forest to provide maximum surveillance area.
  • Equipped with a surveillance camera that detects smoke/fire
  • Equipped with a Fire Fighting Drone Squad (generally composed of 4 drones for an average density forest )
  • Provides energy to the drones and camera with solar panels

Market :

This product is destined for any fire department around the globe and can be easily implemented in any country.

Cost and Benefit :

Our solution can prevent the loss of up to 2.5 billion dollars in case of fire spreading. Add to that the devastating ecological and human loss. But it just costs around 8000 dollars to equip a whole forest with this system and a squad of 4 drones !

Resources :

Mainly NASA's data and maps and other different data sources.

And other information sources as wikipedia and sites about drones and fire.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.