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The Challenge | And YOU can Help Fight Fires!

Build a fire-monitoring and crowdsourcing tool that will allow local fire managers to respond to wildfires.


Develop automatic solutions through the detection of patterns within a data set through Machine Learning, which are to support the early action of fire alerts and decision making to combat the fire, avoiding large scope detrimental to the ecosystem.




The project is responsible for obtaining satellite and geographic data and cross-referencing trends data in the network. Using data analysis and learning algorithms, you can visualize in real time the most fire-prone areas and ongoing fire zones. Applicable to other types of disasters such as landslides, floods, earthquakes, etc.), which according to fire range or radius suggest the nearest places of water reserves, evacuation routes, available rescue routes, estimating locations of possible Post-fire, useful fire-extinguishing information quickly, efficiently and effectively, as well as suggesting measures to control the spread and control of fire and thus help with valuable information to the population, firefighters, police, military and rescue forces during the fire. Once the disaster ends all the information will be recorded in a database for further analysis and study. This information will also be very useful in giving feedback to the learning algorithm and fine-tuning it to be more efficient in the analysis for subsequent disasters.


We are LightPath ( an amazing group of entrepreneurs, developers, lovers of science and technology and most important we are great friends searching for a better world.

A wildfire is the fire that spreads in forest or wild lands affecting the vegetation, flora and fauna. The speed at which it spreads causes both extreme health hazards immediate hazards due to smoke pollution and its ability to overcome obstacles such as roads, rivers and firewalls. Therefore, our team proposes the Fire Fighter tool.

FireFighter has technologies such as machine learning that is responsible for analyzing satellite and geographic data and crossing them with trends in the network using a learning algorithm can visualize in real time the areas most prone to fires.


  1. FireFighter obtains data from four main and reliable sources, NASA (, Bolivian Space Agency ( Earth /), heat sensors and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google).
  2. FireFighter will analyze the data collected with the objective of determinate and observate geographical data that originate from the heat sources or fires.
  3. Once all the fire information is collected, the learning algorithm provides the best solutions for dealing with fire events.
  4. FireFighter will evaluate the best alternatives allowing to visualize areas that are alerted of fires; with a order to provide information on the best evacuation routes, fire propagation points and roads for the rescue team.
  5. Firefighter obtains the modeling and simulation of the events of alert in real time, as either preventive measure or action before a fire.
  6. All the information collected will be saved for your analysis of possible solutions to new similar events and provide the best alternatives.
  7. We have developed an application that is responsible for analyzing satellite and geographic data to cross them with trends data in the network using a learning algorithm. Where you can see in real time the areas most prone to fire.



Thanks for your attention!, Greetings from La Paz - Bolivia



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