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Hackathon Managua UAM

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LoneWolf has received the following awards and nominations. Way to go!

Global Nominee

The Challenge | And YOU can Help Fight Fires!

Build a fire-monitoring and crowdsourcing tool that will allow local fire managers to respond to wildfires.

Peligros Naturales/ Natural Hazards

An Android app developed in 14 hours roughly, it is aimed to be a tool for people who want to keep track of WildFires, like farmers, forest rangers and so.


WildFires are really common and cause a lot of damage to the enviroment, almos 200 wildfires are registered across the globe dialy, this can leave farmers without land to cultivate and homeless families.

This project aims to give the user a tool so he can be aware of the dangers in his zone of interest.

Lets imagine you are a farmer and want to know if your land will be fine when you are on vacation, the process is as follows:

-Just go to your profile, open Watch Zones and register the point and radious of your zone and your are good to go.
If a fire is registered there you will be noticed.

Also you'll get a notice when the temperature is very high.

This project was made in less than 14 hours.

It tries to give a tool to access Natural Disasters data from NASA, and show it with a beautiful UI.

Did the best I could with the time given.

It was a nice experience.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.