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Awards & Nominations

SmokeAlert has received the following awards and nominations. Way to go!

Global Nominee

The Challenge | And YOU can Help Fight Fires!

Build a fire-monitoring and crowdsourcing tool that will allow local fire managers to respond to wildfires.

Prediction of Smoke Propagation: Bringing Global Awareness

Unlike existing projects created just to monitor willdfires, we are aiming to provide a predictive tool for one of its most dangerous consequences - smoke


This project is an evolution of The aim of the project is to diminish consequences of smoke created by wildfires by providing a tool for prediction of smoke propagation.

Smoke from landscape fires is one of the most dangerous consequences of fires, leading to pulmonary and heart disease in populated areas [1]. Forest fires smoke contains 20% of all worldwide pollutants (inc. PM2.5) [2]

Smoke from wildfires kills approximately 340,000 people each year (e.g. only ~265 000 direct deaths from all types of fires) [3].

During the hackathon we have:

  • Met each other and built a strong team
  • Identified and verified the need for the service described
  • Discovered data sources for the model and implemented data fetcher
  • Choose the Siberian last year fires in Russia as a pilot region for model training
  • Built the heuristic to classify smoke
  • Developed requirements for a spatiotemporal prediction model (Including density-based clustering for hotspots, autoregression and convolutions for matrix data processing)
  • Developed mockup for a mobile prototype of SmokeAlert
  • Prepared visual demo
  • Discovered and fixed multiple bugs in georasters Python library

To learn more about our project

Our source code

Our team:

  • Georgy Potapov, creator of, Crisismap
  • Dmitry Pogodin, backend-developer
  • Maria Kolos, UX / UI developer
  • Oleg Urzhumtsev, data scientist, Skoltech, Cisco
  • Rustam Akhtyamov, PhD-student, Skoltech Space Center





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