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The Challenge | And YOU can Help Fight Fires!

Build a fire-monitoring and crowdsourcing tool that will allow local fire managers to respond to wildfires.


The main goals of this software is to create a complete solution that helps people to escape fires, navigate them to safe areas and aid firefighters in rescuing those people.

Szalone Dziki

The FireHelper system

When the fire breaks out the losses are unbelievably great ( human lives, trees, whole forests, cities). We have created an application to help people close to fire and firefighters. Our system will help people to escape from dangerous area, organize evacuation and quickly alert firefighters.

Faster fire alarms allow firefighters to react more quickly, resulting in putting out the fire earlier and lower consumption of raw materials needed for action.

Do you know how much time it takes to notify the fire brigade about a fire?

We also do not know. However, we know that it certainly does not take a few seconds.

Our system needs several seconds to handle 5 requests. We checked it on our prototype.

Our system analyses satellite data and combines it with geospatial and topographical data to provide the best escape path right to the mobile application, additionally passing the location data from clients to firefighters to facilitate the rescue mission.

We are detecting a fire using thermal maps from the satellite. The user can also announce a fire (In future we are doing that). Then the user's fire is reviewed for the last photo from the satellite. We believe that in the near future such photos will be available with little breaks to improve the system.

OUR PROTOTYPE, we have created during the hackathon.

  • Client app - organize evacuation - predicts a safe route to the evacuation point
  • Firefighters app - gives users and fires GPS data

New features

  • Facilitating the evacuation
    • early danger detection
    • increased chances for survival
    • more efficient flow of information between the emergency services and the civils
    • relieve the 112 line
  • Well defined humanitarian aid centres
  • Reduction of financial costs
    • Faster identification allows to quickly stop the spread of fire and to reduce costs of fire-fighting measures
  • Financial potential – service company

This solution can save many lives! We believe it will become default feature of each system.



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