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The Challenge | And YOU can Help Fight Fires!

Build a fire-monitoring and crowdsourcing tool that will allow local fire managers to respond to wildfires.


Fire Radar is aimed to help fire fighters approach the wildfires in safer and faster ways, and also jelp them in extinguishing the fire fast

The Electricians

Project Background :

Wildfires are too dangerous as it spreads faster and faster as soon as it starts. Wildfires causes great destruction to both Humanity and Mother Nature, besides the catastrophes that happen after the fire like; floods, landslides and spreading of ashes and dust. So we're here to help fight this ugly phenomenon.

project details :

Our main mission is divided into two main stages:

1 – Helping Fire Fighters in their mission

2 – Extinguishing Wild Fires ourselves

**For the first stage:

We’ve designed a system that can make the mission of the fire fighter be a piece of cake.

We’ll put a pole in different places in the forest, our device is suspended to the pole.

Our device consists of:

1 – Infra-Red Camera : It watches certain regions in the forest according to its position and takes Thermal Images for its region so it can sense any rise above a certain temperature (if any human passed in front of the camera it won’t detect anything as his temperature is low). Also it calculates accurately the co-ordinates of the source of the fire.

2 – Wind Sensor : It gives the speed and direction of the wind in the forest. The speed of the wind will tell us how far the fire will go (for a speed of 5:15 km/hr the propagation of the fire will be very small, for a speed higher than 15km/hr the propagation distance will be 100m and if it’s increased it would be 300m). The direction of the wind will tell us in which direction will the fire be propagated.

3 – Ultrasonic Wave Generator : It generates sound waves of a certain frequencies which will be annoying to the animals in the forest and this will make them run away in case of any fire.

4 – Gas Sensor : As the Wildfires produces many toxic gases, it’s our responsibility to calculate the percentages of these gases so the Stakeholders will know what to do.

5 – Microcontroller : All this data coming from all these sensors will be sent to Mom! Our microprocessor, so it can be analyzed at certain standards.

6 – Mobile Application : After the analysis of the data by our microprocessor, the results will be sent to an App installed on the Mobile Phone with our firefighter.

This analyzed data will tell the fire fighter:

- The source of the fire according to the first detection we’ll get from the Infra-Red Camera

- The direction through which the fire will propagate according to the data coming from the Wind Sensors

- The best paths for entering the forest according to the variation of temperatures that the Infra-Red Camera reads (low temperatures indicate that these regions have very low amount of fire and so on).

- The IR Camera may detects an underneath Volcano or a Fire Camp, so how can we solve this ??!

We can solve this by recieving live image for the place of the fire from the satellite which will tell us if there is a real fire or not!

** For the second stage:

We’ll have an army of Quadcopters!

These quadcopters will carry explosive balls and these balls have an outside material which explodes as soon as it senses high temperature. There will be two armies

- The first one: will carry these explosive balls which will have an isolating material, this material will isolate the fire from any other places that the fire did not reach yet( the quadcopters will determine the ledges of the fire by sensors before they throw any ball)

- The second one: will carry also these explosive balls with the extinguishing material within (foam or water) and keep throwing these balls till the fire will be completely extinguished.

**By making these two stages we believe that the wildfires will make no threat anymore!

resources :

Software :

- Android Studio

- AppInventor 2

Hardware :

- Arduino Mega

- Bluetooth Module

- Gas Sensor

- Wind Sensor

Pre-project data collection :
  4. Wikipedia

Team members :

1 - Ahmed Ebrahim Attia

2 - Ali Mohamed Ali Desoki

3 - Hossam Mahmoud Ali

4 - Ahmed Medhat AbdelHameed

5 - Alee Ibrahim Alee Ibrahim


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