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Map severe weather conditions with the presence of local atmospheric aerosols to identify potential connections!

Missing Pieces

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Missing Pieces fights to solve the problem of how aerosols are effecting our Earth's weather and cloud development. Also to raise awareness on why this is important and what can you do to help stop and heal the planet.

Cooling Combatants

As a team comprised of one person, there really wasn't done so an analytical approach was given, reading and researching material that has been studied strongly since the 1970's. Researching from places such as the Pacific Northwest National Lab. published papers to the Earth Observatory at NASA's own website most of the material has been shifted through experts and given out to the public on a need to know. Near-Real time maps were studied and found lacking along with the majority agreed upon statement that it is hard to accurately measure what could be the materials of the aerosols. This lead to the idea of the creation of two tools.

First would be a more versatile way to allow commercial transportation mediums to collect data during the daily grind which would allow for more constant and accurate measurements of the amount of aerosol not only in high altitudes via commercial airplanes and shipping planes but also in land.

Second would be a cost effective solution for personal house use and crowd sourced testing apparatus. One such would be getting a chemical strip to measure the current amount of aerosols in the air and sent back to the international database via a web based app that would upload a photo of the strip. There could also be volunteer collection sites to do this work in areas where the use of cameras wouldn't be possible.

There is still a lot to establish and create, but the void of knowledge cannot be ignored. This would be a huge step in the implementation of this for combating the adverse effects of artificial aerosols being introduced into the world.



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