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Map severe weather conditions with the presence of local atmospheric aerosols to identify potential connections!

Life Saver Alarm - LSA

LSA is an application that allows citizens to report others about real-time Disasters and where it took place. Also reports fastest and safest way to get out of danger zone.

Life Saver Alarm - LSA

Description what our app offer to you!

Our Life Saver Alarm (LSA) application is a project that aims to help all people if there is a nature disaster, to be an assistant in the quickest way that they have the opportunity to report in our application any natural disaster possible.

This app is intended for all citizens to be provided in a way their lives and to report to others in an emergency, as well as after the accident happens to upload photos or videos that are made live.

Surviving a earthquake or even any other possible disaster and reducing its impact on health requires preparation, planning and practicality.

Using our application too early we can collect emergency supplies and reduce the potential risks to our environment by reporting them, also our application finds the most fastest and safest way and finds the emergency exit.

As soon as the client reports any misfortunes then the application database takes the coordinates and finds the location, gives the date and the time when the event was published.

Backround of project and resourses!

LSA application will be developed in ASP.NET with the Visual Studio C # programming language and with the MS SQL Server database. There will be elements of CSS3 HTML5 and Bootstrap. Tools will be designed with Photoshop. The application will be in English for the moment, and we will continue to work in all languages of the world so that every citizen can be easy and understandable with the application work.

The challenges we face will be financial support to the project: getting a dedicated server, MS SQL Server licenses, maintaining and further developing the application, etc. The extent of co-operation with all the emergency institutions around the world.

How to use !

The application is good because with two clicks you can reported to others what is happening. All users of this application who are in the area where the disaster is happening will be notified(receive notification)

The rights to use this application is for all citizens who think they will help to prevent catastrophe when a natural disaster occurs.

The rights to receive all global information on the Database will have NASA. While the rights to receive local information in the Database may have all local Emergency Institutions who are ready to cooperate with us.


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