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Ciudad Obregón, Sonora.

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Map severe weather conditions with the presence of local atmospheric aerosols to identify potential connections!

Dust 2 Dust

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Página divulgativa que informa acerca de los Aerosoles en la atmósfera, su impacto ambiental y sus diferentes efectos sobre el clima global.

Niños Héroes

So, basically, our team arrived to Cd. Obregón hoping that we would be part of some other proyect. But, we ended up being the outcasts. So, we formed our own team and started to look for the challenges. As we live in a mildly pulluted city, we pick the Every Cloud! challege. And so we, a group of only physics's students, we started to learn everything we could learn to complete this task.
We tried to use the Nasa's resources on air pollution, but the information there is too complicated for any mortal. But with help of Ambiental engineers and people that work with maps and remote sensing, we managed to take this in the right direction and we learned how to use matlab, ArcMap, Qgiz and NASA's Giovanni server to pull off this webpage that brings the information on polluted air and the climate change that comes with it and so, we created Dust 2 Dust, a portal about Aerosoles, it's impact and how to make concience about this.



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