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The Challenge | Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!

Calculate and visualize the radiation exposure for an actual or hypothetical polar, or near-polar flight!


Our project calculates and visualizes the radiation exposure during a certain flight. Our team has developped a model that takes into consideration the interaction of solar particles and cosmic rays with Earth’s magnetosphere and atmosphere.


Our Project

Atmospheric Model

The atmospheric model “U.S. Standard Atmosphere 1976” has been used and a model for atmospheric limits, depending on geographic latitude, has been developed.

Stopping power

Stopping Power of electrons and protons for several energies for the atmosphere and human body was calculated. Furthermore, the shielding that the aircraft’s fuselage provides, was estimated.


Εnergy flux of electrons at flight altitude has been calculated, using LIVE data from GOES (once per hour) and the aforementioned models, in polar areas. Hadronic component of cosmic rays has been taken into account, as it is the most harmful for living beings. Combination of the above led to the final dose rates.


Visualization displayed at the following link: http://maydayapp.ddns.net/

Biological Consequences

Biological impact of ionizing radiation for human beings has been analyzed, according to the dose they are exposed to, in comparison with the permitted limits.

Radiation Protection and Aircraft Shielding

Propose several ways of shielding and protection towards radiation, for crew members and passengers.

Future goals

Among others, important future goals are to improve models and codes, take into consideration more physical parameters, make more interactive the web visualization and develop a shielding model.

Our project overview is uploaded at https://github.com/ax3l91/space-apps-2017-mayday-a... including the full documentation (MaydayMaydayMayday.pdf) file and code.


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