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The Challenge | Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!

Calculate and visualize the radiation exposure for an actual or hypothetical polar, or near-polar flight!

Flight Radiation Simulator

Cosmic ray calculation tool


1, Creating Reason

I want to know getting radiation dose in fight. We think health damages by ozone hole. And our health is depended on reflecting space radiation, so we can know to get radiation dose that ozone hole’s state.

2, Creating this tool’s process

First, we thought to use Google earth, radiation dose is displayed on there.

Second, we collected flight altitude dates and getting space radiation dose on flight date, space radiation rate from satellites.

Third, we created computer that calculate getting radiation dose from space radiation dose on flight and flight dates.

Forth, we display on website, and automatic calculate result.

3, This tool is function.

You can know result that you will get space radiation on flight, this tool will calculate result when you select 2 countries.

4, This tool in future

I think that you will be able to see getting space radiation dose on flight in your smartphone.

githubs URL : https://github.com/hatobus/spaceapp_radiation


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.