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Calculate and visualize the radiation exposure for an actual or hypothetical polar, or near-polar flight!

Anti-radiation Database and Suit

Passengers of flights near magnetic poles are exposed to high levels of radiation.The challenge is to calculate and visualize the radiation and its effects.Our solution is a database,which shows the radiation levels individually,and an antiradiation suit!

Radiation Blockers


Dose-specific radiation has a significant impact on the human body and in combination with modern
lifestyle,man becomes more vulnerable to health problems. Our solution to reducing the radiation
received by the human body includes the creation of a database, which shows the radiation levels 
for each passenger monthly, as well as the design of an anti-radiation suit.

Database System

There will be a personal account for every passenger, whose data will be registered in the site, when the booking of the ticket is made. The database will use passenger’s data simultaneously when the booking is made and it will ask him to insert place of residence and a previous radiation measurement. For every flight the radiation received will be estimated by FAA Flight Radiation Calculator and in this way the total exposure per month can be calculated. Furthermore, there will be a color indication of green, orange or red for optional,recommended and strictly recommended wear of suit.

Antiradiation Suit

The suit includes a hoodie and a trouser made by polyurethane and polybutadiene rubber aerogel composite material. According to Nasa research project NAS9-03028 the relatively large hydrogen content of the new rubber aerogels provides radiation protection and simultaneously exhibits the flexibility, resiliency, toughness and durability of common polymers. The suit will have different density of rubber aerogel accordingly to the radiation absorption to every part of the body. The suit will look like ordinary sport clothes in order those who wear it not to feel marginalized. The airline pilot and crew must always wear the suit in order to minimize the dose of radiation they receive.


Creating the database system and the antiradiation suit frequently near-polar passengers will get much smaller doses of cosmic radiation decreasing the possibility of health problems such as:

-chemical changes in human cells

- cancer or leukemia

-respiratory problems

-peptic problems

Furthermore, vulnerable groups will be protected from the exposure to large amounts of cosmic radiation that will deteriorate their health.Also,pregnants and infants will enjoy a safer for their health flight.

Business Sustainability

New start-ups can be founded in order not only to produce the suit but also to create the database.Αdditionaly,others may create an app for a “healthy flight” instead of the database. At the same time the airline company that will give the opportunity their passengers to be protected wearing the suit will have a comparative economic advantage against others.


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