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Calculate and visualize the radiation exposure for an actual or hypothetical polar, or near-polar flight!


Calculate and visualize the radiation exposure for the flight crew and passengers in polar or near-pole flights. Choose a specific flight path and show all the information about radiation.



Our web app, lets the user create a profile and save all of his flight. For each flight, we calculate the dose of radiation and show the cumulative dose. If the user passes the average dose we encourage them to minimize the number of their flights, especially near polar flights.

Radiation Exposure:

If you take a Geiger counter with you on your next flight, you will notice the dose of radiation increases as the plane approaches cruising altitude. It’s usually nothing to worry about. But for people who fly a lot, like plane’s crew, this exposure might involve some health risks.

How it works:

  • Create a personal profile.
  • Add and Save your flights in your personal profile with your cumulative dose.
  • The web app gives you some advices and warns users about the health risk from radiation and how to protect yourself from it.
  • It gives you the possibility to calculate the radiation and compare it with the normal dose.

Github source code: https://github.com/zhaklinab/Nasa



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