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The Challenge | When Landslides Strike

Design an easy-to-use tool to allow the public to discover and understand landslide data, and to contribute their own observations for use by emergency managers.

Landslide App

Landslide App creates an interface between the public and emergency managers to share information and data that will help in tackling problem and effects of landslide.

Green Storegga


Landslide strike occurs when there is sliding down of mass of earth, debris or rock from a mountain or cliff.

Another name for landslide is rockslide or mudslide.

Cause of landslide strike.

Prolonged rain fall resulting to excessive flooding, which weakens the binding natural material that holds the rock or earth particles together so that it fails and slide down the cliff or mountain driven by gravity.

Effects of Landslide strike on the environment.

Fatality (Death), disruption of social amenities (Power, Water etc), injuries, destruction of properties, it affects mineral resources, extinction of wildlife.

Public Awareness.

Discovering and understanding of landslide.

Whenever a landslide strike, there is an emergency , hence the need for emergency preparedness awareness can not be overemphasized. Applying the four phases of emergency preparedness is very important. The first of the four phases is:

  1. Prepare - The public should know how to prepare.
  2. Response – The public should know how to respond.
  3. Recovery – the public should know how to recover.
  4. Mitigate- The public should know how to mitigate( preventive measures or effect reduction).


The public must be aware of the warning signs of landslide strike which are:

  • Prolonged rain fall.
  • Springs, seeps or saturated ground in areas that are not usually wet.
  • New cracks or unusual bulges in the ground, street or sidewalks.
  • Soil moving away from foundations, or the tilting or cracking of concrete floors and foundations.
  • Sunken or down-dropped road beds.
  • Rapid increase in creek water levels, possibly accompanied by increased soil content.
  • A sudden decrease in creek water levels even though rain is still falling or just recently stopped.
  • Unusual sounds, such as trees cracking or boulders knocking together, might indicate moving debris.

When these warning signs are observed, the residents should evacuate the area.

Individual responsibility: every member of a landslide prone community has the responsibility to alert their neighbours and emergency response agencies setup by government, private organisation or NGO.

Government responsibility: The government has the responsibility to alert members of the community of the dangers ahead. In relation to landslide strike prone area, the government have the responsibility to set up fully equipped relief camp.

Government should collaborate with NGOs and community leaders for the purpose of sensitizing members of landslide prone area on the warning signs, causes, effects and measures to cushion the effect. Community based sensitization using town hall meetings.

Government and community leaders should encourage community members to pay little token to insure their lives and property.

For the prone rural areas, Government/Agencies should provide banners showing pictorial representation of the warning signs and effect, placed at strategic positions.

Government should ensure emergency alarm is put in place in all landslide communities. Emergency response agencies and Community leaders should ensure landslide drills activity is carried out quarterly.

The government should put in place an emergency response action plan that should involve all stakeholders in order to enable them identity and respond to any imminent danger.


When all the warning signs of landslide has taken place, every member of the community should roll out what is stated in the emergency response action plan which are:

  1. Sound the landslide emergency alarm.
  2. Evacuate to the well equipped emergency response relief camp.
  3. Contact all emergency agencies numbers.

Recovery from Landslide Disasters.

We roll out what is stated in the community insurance policy scheme as stated landslide strike emergency preparedness above.

Community members access their insurance policy in order to recover from damaged to properties, injuries and loss of lives.

Rebuilding the community facilities.


Community should have access to our Landslide App in order to prevent or cushion any future or unexpected occurrence of landslide strike. Where they can learn how to prepare (understand and discover warning signs), response(Feedback/report any observation), recover and mitigate the issue of landslide.

Features of the Landslide App

  1. Warning signs. (List out with Pictures)
  2. Causes and Effect. (List out with pictures/videos)
  3. Emergency response action plan.
  4. Landslide strike records. (Non-technical pictures/videos linked to the GLC Catalog)
  5. Report: Location (address, GPS coordinates*), pick warning sign/write out observation, take a photo/video*, Name and Mobile contact, send.
  6. Settings: Sound, background.


1. Time factor: We had about 10 hours team work instead of the announce 48hrs duration.

2. Low ICT knowledge like programming, coding and App development.

3. Internet facilities was not adequately provided.

4. Lack of adequate work space.


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