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The Challenge | When Landslides Strike

Design an easy-to-use tool to allow the public to discover and understand landslide data, and to contribute their own observations for use by emergency managers.

Land Safe

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Land Safe


The problem:

Landslides are one of the most universal hazards in the world, and have caused more than 11,500 fatalities in 70 countries between 2007-2010 [1].(NASA) The most frequent trigger of landslides is intense and prolonged rainfall, which saturates soil on vulnerable slopes. However, rainfall is only a catalyst in the face of many contributing factors to a landslide. If only there was a way for people from all different sorts of environments to get alerts of a landslide threats based on their local contributing factors and triggers? What if they could get accurate-real time threat assessments based on their location? Most landslide related fatalities happen while people are asleep, imagine being scared to go to sleep? Not knowing whats going if you or your family are in danger. We developed these tools to give people control of their lives, the ability to sleep easy because they know their land is safe.

Our solution:

Land Safe is an online resource for learning about Landslides; What they are, where, when, why and how they happen. We have assembled a bank of immediately useful information on how to prepare an emergency kit, how to find your evacuation route, what to do before,during and after a landslide. Our goal was to put all of this information within hands reach.

Land Safe is a tool that is easy to use and immediately helpful for everyone: We created a tool that utilizes NASA's Open Data Portal and many other data sources to provide hyper-localized landslide threat calculations! This easy to use and all-in-one visual representation of the multiple data sets provide emergency managers with a powerful and effective tool. It can help with preparations for alerting of near future threats, provide support for imminent dangers, as well as help assess and mitigate damage after a landslide.

The designed mobile app provides regular users updates of landslide threats in their area and even send loved ones an alert about the imminent threat level of a landslide of any searchable location. The app also allows all users to upload a photo for visual confirmation of a location at risk, imminent dangers, and post slide damage, to keep local emergency managers updated with hyper localized data.

As an added feature, when detecting threat levels in your vacinity if our app registers that you are in the middle of an area that a landslide happen our app can ask you if you are ok. If you don't check in, our app, will send out a beacon to other local users to come to your aid. This greatly increases your chances of survival in the event you are caught in a landslide.

Our Land Safe Monitor is a comprehensive and cheap IOT sensor package: Utilizing an intel edison for wifi and bluetooth capabilities, along with a gps sensor, seismic sensor, and pluviometer. Together these sensors send data to our app that help the precision with which the threats are calculated, by providing hyper localized data, in junction with app users.

We will continue to develop this tool to help all the people who have suffered from the destructive power of landslides. To continue our efforts to educate, and equip people with information to better prepare and defend themselves!! So look out for our app coming soon to IOS and Android!!!!!!

All the data and information used in our project came from the sources below:


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.