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Laurel, MD

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The Challenge | Let's go to the Beach!

Build a tool for beach-goers to monitor for hazards and to alert them of precautionary measures for protection on their swim- and surf-filled adventures!

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The “Let’s go to the Beach!” challenge is “to build a tool for beach-goers to monitor for hazards and to alert them of precautionary measures for protection…”

We created straightforward and simple to use app, easily accessible to anyone and quicker to access. It compiles necessary information into one place And real-time info with regular updates.

Our preliminary research revealed that other solutions only incorporated partial information necessary for visiting the beach. No website used live user feedback to provide niche information like undercurrents and riptides specifically for public beaches.

Our app will display information on Weather, Traffic, Tides, Ocean currents, Riptides, Windspeed, UV information, Water temperature, Sand temperature, Wave height, Shark sightings, Air quality.

The app will provides a quick way to determine if it is an appropriate time to go to the beach. Due to information overload these days it will allows users to pick the four beaches that they visit the most as “favorites” and will use an AI system to decide if human-monitored dangerous conditions are still present.

The app will collect its data from various NASA weather related websites and compiles it into a user-friendly depiction. Additionally user inputs data that cannot be easily gathered by sensors, and adds or removes notifications based on user input. This is similar to Waze.

From a social side users are able to enter information about dangerous conditions and other users can vote on the credibility of the information which then is entered into the system and using AI a more real time model is issued back to the app users.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.