Frequently Asked Questions

When is Space Apps 2017?

April 29th - 30th, 2017

Where can I register / participate virtually?

Registration for participants is NOW OPEN!  When you register you can choose a location where you can participate, or select "virtual" if there is not a physical location near you to participate.

How can I host an event?

The Space Apps 2017 host application period has now closed. Keep an eye out for updates if you would like to host a future event in your city.

What is the Data Bootcamp?

The  Data Bootcamp is an in-person Space Apps Pre-event designed to broaden the base of hackathon participants and bring an even greater diversity of skills and perspectives to Space Apps. The Data Bootcamp is an opportunity for people new to the hackathon space to get their feet wet using skills and resources that would help them engage productively as project team members at a hackathon.

Previous bootcamps have included a mix of talks and hands-on workshops. Click the Data Bootcamp or Pre-event tab on your local Space Apps event's location page to learn more.

Is it free to participate in a Space Apps event?

Yes. It is free to participate in Space Apps and registration is open to all on a first come, first serve basis. 

What is the minimum age for participants?

There is no minimum age for participation in Space Apps, and many youth and children have participated in past events. We only note that participants under 13 must have a parent or guardian register for them and attend with them. Many events have special events planned for younger students, but qualified, interested students are certainly invited to participate in the regular challenges (in line with the legal policy and any requirements set by the local lead.)

Do I register as an individual or as a team?

Participants will need to register as individuals, not teams. Participants will form project teams at Space Apps events and teams will submit their projects by creating a project page.

Can I join more than one team?

Yes, participants can join one team per challenge.

Is there a maximum number of participants?

Check with your local organizer.  Some events will set a maximum number of participants per team, but there is no set requirement. The sweet spot for teams is typically 4 to 5 - if it gets too big, it can be hard to focus, if it is too small, you may not have all the skills/knowledge needed. 

Is it possible for a team to come up with their own project if they are not inspired by the challenges or is it mandatory to pick one of the challenges?

Participants are encouraged to build projects in response to one of the challenges. In order to be eligible for global judging, teams will need to submit a solution to one of the challenges. If people are inspired and have a great idea, they can build a project that is not in response into a particular challenge via the Bring Your Own Solution challenge.

Can I submit a project in response to more than one challenge? 

A person can be a full participant on one team per challenge, but we would encourage you to focus primarily on one project, and pitch in to other projects if you're able to. You only have two days after all!

Is the event limited to just software development?

Absolutely not, Space Apps projects don't have to be apps. We need people with all types of skills to participate! Teams need project managers, designers, artists, educators, writers - anyone who can help advance the cause. You can contribute! Participants in the event will collaborate to build software, open hardware, data visualization, and citizen science platform solutions that contribute to solving global challenges that focus on improving life on earth. In fact, most teams will benefit from having non-programmers working with them.

Where can I see the 2017 Award winners?

Visit the Awards & Recognitions page. To see the winners from your local Space Apps event, visit their Location page.

Where can I vote for People's Choice winner?

Check the Awards & Recognitions page on May 8th for People’s Choice voting and later in May for the announcement of Global Finalists. 


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.