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The Challenge | Pilots Plus

Provide private aircraft pilots and passengers with an easy-to-use tool that gives information about the land underneath their flight plans.


GeoEvents is intended to solve the issues in Pilot Plus Challenge. GeoEvents will enable the passenger to see what is going and has happened around his location underneath the earth, over the earth and in the space!

Geo Events

Background: today, passengers and pilots face many challenges while flying including:

Un-predicted Air Turbulence (pilots)

Relying on the pilots experience to guess expected air turbulences

Flight passengers aren't aware of near-flight events, nature and landmarks

Our approach: using huge set of structured and un-structured data, :

Previous Flight Data

Applying an Algorithm process of association

Providing both the pilot & the passengers with an early warning system

Our Solution: GeoEvents will provide passengers and pilot with events happening around their current location underneath the earth, underwater, on land and in the space.

The app github repo:


NASA open data

Google maps


Environment and nature agencies

Challenges: we faced some technical and non-technical challenges including:

Scarce API resources

Unsupported and non-documented APIs


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.