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Provide private aircraft pilots and passengers with an easy-to-use tool that gives information about the land underneath their flight plans.

Hello World

We want to help people know the world. When you travel by plane you pass over different cultures, we invite you to embrace and share the knowledge of our world.

We've created a solution to bring people closer to other cultures while making long
plane trips, taking advantage of the time available to learn new cultures.
The application uses geolocation to identify which country it is flying over, and 
shows information about the country as geography, climate and local culture.


We make a mobile solution using Ionic and Apache Cordova: https://github.com/GuilhermeLoL/NasaSpaceAppsHello...


FlightAware: https://pt.flightaware.com/

Flyover Contry: http://fc.umn.edu/


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.