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The Challenge | What’s for Dinner?

Map the life cycle of your favorite food product or dish, and put on your chef’s hat to create its most environmentally sustainable version!


Produce, get and preserve as well as you could!

Retro Earth Defenders

General Objective

Produce, get and preserve as well as it could be possible.

General Description

It proposes a solution that creates environmental, social and economic awareness. It attacks the monopolization that exists on part of companies on the relation between producers and consumers; in this way it drives economic growth, entrepreneurship, equity and competitiveness. In addition, it aims to educate and facilitate the accessibility to information regarding the handling of products through features. These features cover ways of cultivating crops, organic waste management, maintainability and storage in case of a natural disaster.

Target market:

Producer from large, medium and small companies. It is also focused to the consumers. Both populations of adult age.


  • Buy and sell:

This feature enables communication between both types of users. This happens because the producers can offer their products with their respective costs and likewise those who consume will be able to choose the producers of their preference. In both cases ProduceMe suggests all the information based on your location.

  • Life cycle:

This feature offers a detailed description about the life stages of the product. It gives the possibility of knowing the quality, the state, optimal colors, and optimal consuming time.

  • Cultivation methods:

It offers users the knowledge of different cultivation methods of the products. For example, it can suggest you to grow some plants by hydroponics. In addition, it explains the cultivating process of your choice.

  • Organic waste management:
While it is true that humanity slowly learns to manage its waste, it is also organic waste management is an issue that has not been addressed. For this reason, this feature is integrated. It allows users to learn about different ways to handle waste. For example, it explains how to create compost. On the other hand, if consumers do not wish to exploit these kind of waste, they can hire the services of those producers that collect organic waste.
  • Maintainability and storage in case of natural disasters:

It may sound strange to you, and you may ask yourself what is the relation between products and natural disasters. Well, ProduceMe also teaches about what you should do to protect your products before, during and after a disaster occurs.

The beforehand stage covers how to store the products to be ready in case of an emergency. This stage, will indicate by product the considerations that must be hold to be able to store them (containers, materials, places, etc).

The during stage will help to teach the user how to extend the life duration of the products previously stored since it is unknown for how long the emergency will last. This information is provided so that with previous consultation people can know the subject and in case of disaster they will know what to do.

The after stage will help the user to recover and get ahead. As you can consult what to do according to the environment after the disaster.

What is ProduceMe?

It is an mobile and web application. It addresses the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations, and thus seeks to satisfy the vast majority in order to be a project for humanity.

Globally, one third of the food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted, FAO estimates that it is an equivalent to about 1300 million tonnes per year. In contrast, how many people die of hunger around the world? It is through this context that this project aims to avoid waste that is often due to a lack of knowledge and awareness.

This application takes advantage of geolocation technology to suggest the content displayed by the App. It takes data from NASA about location, temperature, atmospheric pressure and altitude to make the best suggestion to the user.

Mobile Application

It is designed on both platforms; IOs and Android. It has a highly user-friendly interface allowing you to quickly and satisfactorily navigate through it.

Web Application

It has a highly user-friendly interface allowing you to quickly and satisfactorily navigate through it. A high amount of informative content and features can be found on it. It presents images that illustrate and facilitate the understanding of the information provided.

Who are benefited with ProduceMe?


Economically: Producers gain more sales opportunities through the App.

Environmentally: ProduceMe allows the producer to get organic waste from customers through the App, these will be benefit them allowing them to use it to fertilize their crops, reducing the environmental impact and even replacing synthetic fertilizers on plantations with organic ones.

Socially: Those sectors of the society that use ProduceMe will increase their opportunities to get ahead those that do not. It offers suggestions about the products that can be cultivated according to their geographic location, allowing consumers to become producers. In addition, it guarantees the consumers that they are enjoying the fresher products at the optimal moment of the product life cycle which would help them become healthier.


Economically: Families can select from a list which products they want to buy. The app will suggest them different products from different producers and cost which they will choose according to their budget.

Environmentally: The average household is not used to separate organic waste from the rest of their garbage, and even if they do it will always end in the same trash truck. ProduceMe suggests ideas to benefit from the organic waste we produce as consumers. You can use it to fertilize your garden plants or just sell it to the producers so they can fertilize their crops with it.

Socially: The benefits in families would be reflected on their health, consuming excellent quality products would increase their health. Knowing the products life cycle and the best way to storage it, familes would not have problems with accumulation of products.

Independent persons:

**Taking university students as an example

Economically: As university students, a lot of times the concern about eating fruit and vegetables is very small because in economic terms these products are not within what they consider necessary and within their budget. ProduceMe allows them to buy these products at a price that fits your budget without having to waste your time or extra money, as the price difference of a product that comes directly from the producer is very high in comparison to those from an intermediary.

Environmentally: Among the things to be done by a university student, sadly recycling or utilize waste is not a priority. They just deposit it inside a bag and give them to the trash truck. ProduceMe aims to raise awareness and give them the opportunity to help the environment giving the organic waste to the producers.

Socially: University students will have a better diet when consuming more fruits, vegetables and varied products. ProduceMe allows them to get those products without leaving their place of residence, meaning less loss of time for them and better results to their health.

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