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Yes I Can / Oui je peux

Using Visual Data from Canadian Satellite RadarSat-2 to celebrate 150 Years of Canada's Confederation / Utilisation des données visuelles du RadarSat-2 par satellite canadien pour célébrer 150 ans de la Confédération du Canada

Yes I Can

“Yes I CAN” uses visual data from the Canadian Satellite RadarSat-2 to create a digital mosaic of the Map of Canada, the Canadian Flag, and the logo of the Celebration of 150 years of Canada's Confederation.

Each piece of the mosaic is made using a section of the image of Canada gathered by the RadarSat-2. We are rebuilding Canadian symbols using images of Canada taken from Space from a Canadian Satellite!

Arushi Speaks

I love Space and Arts.

I wanted to express my love of space and achievements of Canada in the space sector in a unique way. And what could be more unique than combining images of Canada from Space with arts to celebrate 150 years of Canada's Confederation.

How I ended up doing this project?

On the first day of Space Apps Toronto (28 April 2017) I heard the Canadian Astronaut Jeremy Hansen say that if we stop Space for 10 minutes, we will have a big problem.

I thought what kinds of problems we will have!

So I went to the Toronto Reference Library and took a large printout of the image of Canada taken from the Canadian Satellite RadarSat-2. Then I cut the image into lots of pieces (1 cm x 1 cm).

Later, I joined them together using a software to make different forms, including the Flag of Canada, the Map of Canada, and the logo of the celebration of the 150 years of Canada's Confederation.

I learned that the Space makes our phones work, it makes the GPS work, it brings together Canada, and makes us all Canadians!

So let us all come together and celebrate the 150th year of Canada's Confederation.

Faisons célébrer l'anniversaire de 150 ans du Canada!


1. RadarSat - 2 Data: downloaded from

2. Digital Software.


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