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Develop a creative way for the public and scientists alike to learn the definitions of Earth-related scientific and technical terms, using the power of crowdsourcing.

BEG - Bender's Earth Glossary

Site, chat-bot and android application, based on the crowdsourcing database of clear explanations of complex terms. BEG (Bender's Earth Glossary) is an opportunity to understand a lecture summary not from the fourth time.

BEG - Bender's Earth Glossary

BEG (Bender's Earth Glossary) is an opportunity to understand a lecture summary not from the fourth time.

Some advanced students use different ways and tricks to memorize complex terms. Exposition of the course of the thoughts on the paper is very helpful: the way you understand this term, but in your own words, in a simplified form. The basis of the project is the idea of simplifying mutual understanding, built on a supplementing missing information by people, creating a voluminous and accessible database through crowdsourcing, which consists precisely of such simplified definitions.

The first part of our project is a chat-bot that issues the value of the requested term according to a specified schedule and / or request in a user-friendly way. It also gives a link to various sources, where users can get more information about the term or subject they are interested in.

Also, the site was created, where each user gets the opportunity to offer his own interpretation of the term or he can suggest the term itself. After a certain verification, the request will be approved or rejected.

The second part of our project is the application, which by its nature is a game. This form of application makes it easier to learn terms and makes it more enjoyable.

The third part is a plug-in for the Internet browser. It will deal with an incomprehensible text "on the spot", without going to other sources.


- Telegram Bot Api Documentation

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